Failsafe Systems

Failsafe Mechanical Deflation System

Unlike conventional steel gate systems, which require manual operation of often poorly maintained mechanical parts, the Arcon AquaPro Rubber Dam utilizes a failsafe mechanical deflation device, which lowers the bladder in the event of power failure. Deflation is triggered when the upstream water level rises to a mechanical deflation set point. This set point is configured at a level above the standard electrical set point, thereby allowing for a safety margin during which either the flow can stabilize or the power can be restored before deflation occurs. This minimises the risk of unnecessary downtime whilst still ensuring safe operation.

Over Pressure Relief Valve

A pressure relief valve is supplied to ensure that the bladder does not exceed the allowable inner pressure in the event of either equipment or power failure.

Pressure Control System

The PLC automatically monitors the pressure within the bladder. Should the pressure significantly decrease below or increase above the pressure set point, the PLC will operate either the inflation blower or the deflation valve to correct the deviation and return the internal pressure to that of the pressure target. This pressure deviation is often encountered during the normal diurnal cycle.