Control Systems

Integrated and Intelligent Control system

Our sophisticated and fully programmable Control System can be integrated with operation systems of other related equipment and is designed to accurately retain maximum storage levels, even in the event of a power failure. The weir can be operated both manually and automatically and the PLC programmed to a client’s specific operation requirements.

Condensate Drainage System

In the case of an air-filled Rubber Dam, condensation can occasionally form inside the bladder, especially where there has been a significant difference in temperature between night and day, and during warmer months. Under these conditions, the Condensate Drainage System effectively evacuates any water which has accumulated inside of the bladder.

Upstream Water Level Control

The full range of control offered in Arcon AquaPro Rubber Dams is unique.

There are two alternatives to control the upstream water level:

Dynamic Level Control

The control system provides the flexibility to accurately control the upstream water level to a variable set point. The PLC automatically responds to water levels above or below the set point by decreasing or increasing the internal pressure of the bladder to either pass or store water. This is particularly important in applications involving Hydroelectric Power.

Dynamic Level Control


Fixed Level Control

The control system is also capable of maintaining the bladder in either a fully inflated or fully deflated condition. The PLC automatically responds to a water level above the deflation set point by fully deflating the bladder. When the water level decreases below the inflation set point, the PLC responds by fully inflating the bladder.

Fixed Level Control