Air or Water Filled?

Arcon AquaPro offers air-filled and water-filled type Rubber Dams. Each system type has its own inherent advantages and can be selected according to the client’s operational requirements, overall cost effectiveness, site and river conditions.

Selecting the right Arcon AQUAPRO Rubber Dam Air Filled Water Filled
Accurate upstream water level control    
Even overflow below 90% height    
No v-notch    
Small concrete footprint    
Small pipe diameter    
Risk of freezing water in pipes    
Requires additional heating system    
Stilling well to fill bladder    
Requires clean water as a means of filling    
Requires air as a means of filling    
Short filling / emptying time    
Control equipment occupies little floor space    
Condensate evacuation system    
Failsafe mechanical deflation system    
Compact design    
Overall cost effectiveness